Intimate and perfect relaxation

Tantra massage is a mystique ritual based on sensual and erotic touches of your body including intimate parts of body and is a procedure during which you will discover your secrets of sexual energy, feelings during the every moment of erotic massage and deligtful experiences both for your body and mind.


Find a lot of erotic tantra massage programmes in erotic massage which are very close to your wishes and expectations.

Discover sensual intimacy and touches, a lot of care and enchanting atmosphere of private first class tantra salon in the heart of Bratislava.

During tantra erotic massage you will feel total refresh of your body, mind, your stress physical and emotional will be destroyed, you will find importance of touch, you will be surrounded by ways of total relaxation and you will be full of new sexual and vital energy. You will feel how your senses will be awakening by the power of gently touches.

Once you enter the provided tantra massage programmes in offered eclusive tantra salon the stress of the world behind will be left and you become the King or the Queen of the world.

Provided massages are only for adults, 18+, for both man and women and also for couples which can rely on discretion, intimacy, clean and well designed tantra rooms with all inclusive services based on pleasure training and sensual touches.


Especially for couples it should be a kind of therapy and very original gift. It should show each other their wishes and desires in company with charming tantra lady.

Whatever programme you wil choose it will be a wonderful experience for you and you will see the way in which you can appreciate and love yourself and others better.

Except of new feelings, the benefits of tantra for your blood pressure, dicreasing stress, harmony of your body and mind, musle and body pain are great, try to discover them.